Finding a cattery for my puss

How to Board a Young Kitten in an Emergency

If you have a very young kitten and have an emergency that takes you away from home, you may need to organise care for your pet. While you may have no problems getting older cats into a cattery, your kitten has special needs; local state rules on pet boarding may also make it harder to find a suitable cattery. What are your options if you need emergency care for a younger cat?

Boarding Catteries

You're likely to find it harder to find a cattery that can board a very young kitten compared to an older cat. Catteries have to work within state regulations and may not typically be used to housing very young animals. For example, some state regulations require boarding catteries not to take cats that are under three months of age as standard boarders; however, catteries may be able to make exceptions to this rule in an emergency.

Bear in mind that finding a cattery that will accept a very young kitten is about more than getting your cat into boarding with no questions asked. If your kitten is so young that it is not fully vaccinated, then it may be at risk of catching an illness from other animals in the facility. It may also pose a risk to other residents.

If your kitten is so young that it isn't fully vaccinated, then your best bet is to find a cattery that has isolation or sterile units or rooms that it can use for kittens. These rooms don't share air systems with the rest of the facility, giving your pet—and other animals on site—more protection against airborne diseases.

Vet Boarding

If you can't find a local cattery that is willing to board your kitten, it's worth talking to your vet. If your vet runs an animal hospital or boarding facility, it may have sterile units that are suitable for very young kittens that haven't had a full set of vaccinations.

If you don't have any luck with either catteries or your vet, you can ask cattery staff or your vet for recommendations of local pet sitters who may be able to help you out either by taking your kitten into their home while you're away or by visiting it regularly in your home to feed and care for it. Bear in mind, if you opt for a pet sitter, that you may need to arrange more frequent visits during the day than usual. Younger kittens need feeding more regularly and need more company than older cats.