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3 Ways To Prepare Your Cat For The Kennel

If you're taking a vacation and are preparing to send your cat to a boarding facility, you need to prepare well to make sure your pet remains healthy throughout. Choosing a cat boarding facility is based on your specific requirements. Once you find a cat boarding facility that meets your needs, follow these steps to prepare your cat.

Get The Right Vaccines

Core vaccines must be dispensed to every kitten, so your cat needs regular vaccinations to protect it from feline parvovirus, feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus. Non-core vaccines are not always necessary but are recommended when you place your pet in a cat boarding facility to protect it from harmful diseases that it may be exposed to when encountering other animals. Recommended non-core vaccines are administered to protect your cat from feline immunodeficiency virus, feline leukaemia virus and Chlamydophila psittaci. The F3 vaccine is a core vaccine, while F4 and F5 are non-core vaccines. Check with your vet about the necessary core and non-core cat vaccines necessary before placing it in the boarding facility.

Train Your Cats To Be Comfortable In Sheltered Areas

When your pet is placed in a cat boarding facility, it will probably be placed in sheltered areas with less room to move around. This can be extremely unnerving for a cat that was used to moving around freely in your home. To avoid this sudden change of environment, prepare your cats in advance to help them feel more content in smaller areas by placing them in cages. But cats feel naturally wary of these cages, so you will need to make these confined spaces seem more inviting. For instance, you could add comfortable bedding and place meals inside the cage. Be patient and close the door gradually. After a while, you'll notice your cat starting to feel more comfortable inside the cage — making it easier for the cat to adjust to the kennel.

Start With Shorter Practice Experiments

The worst thing to do is to suddenly place your cat in a kennel without any prior practice. Experiment with shorter periods before placing your cat in the facility for the long-term. Of course, be cognisant of price when you undertake these practice sessions to avoid burdening your wallet. According to the Association of Pet Boarding and Grooming in Queensland, standard boarding rates for cats range from $12 to $20. You may also need to pay for additional facilities based on your cat's specific needs. If you are planning to board your pet for a longer duration, you may be able to negotiate some discounts, but you will need to take it up with your chosen facility.

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