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Welcome Home Fido! 5 Tips for Bringing Your Dog Home From a Boarding Kennel

When you need to travel and can't bring your dog along for the trip, boarding kennels can keep your furry friend safe until you return home. Although many dogs have a very positive experience in kennels, they can behave a little strangely when they are reunited with you. Here are five tips for welcoming your dog home and reestablishing your relationship.

1. Pick Up Your Pooch On Time

Pay close attention to the kennel's opening times. If you arrive too early to pick up your pet, he may end up being pulled out of activities such as a group walk, play time or grooming time, which could be confusing for him. Leave it too late and you may find that the kennel has closed for the day, leaving you facing another night away from your pet.

2. Get the Low-Down On Your Dog's Stay

Take the time to ask employees about your dog's health and behaviour during his stay at the kennel. The staff who have been caring for your dog can let you know whether he had any problems with the food and how he got on with other dogs. This information can let you know how your dog is feeling and let you know how much he enjoys staying in kennels.

3. Feed Your Dog a Bland Diet

Although you might want to lavish your dog with treats to welcome him home, it's not what he needs right now if he has been eating unfamiliar food at the kennel, which might have upset his digestive system. Get him back to normal by feeding him bland foods like boiled chicken breast and white rice for a few days.

4. Don't Feed Your Dog Immediately

Returning home is likely to make your dog very excited. When dogs get into this state, they tend to gulp food down very quickly, which can lead to a stomach ache. Wait until your dog has calmed down to give him his first meal at home. Throwing a ball around in the yard or going for a walk together could help to burn off some excess energy and bring your dog's mood back to normal.

5. Provide Plenty of Attention

When your dog gets home, give him plenty of attention and love to reestablish your relationship. Make time to play with your dog and take him for a walk every day. When you need to go out without your dog, leave a radio or television playing to keep him company.